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Would you like to improve a specific aspect of your own English language use (for example, writing emails, standard English pronunciation, listening skills for the IELTS exam and much more)?

English Private Tuition

We offer private lessons in which you can decide exactly what you want to learn in your home or in your tutor’s home. Lessons can cover General English for example extra pronunciation and speaking practice, but also specific work-related topics such as preparing for a specific meeting.

Private language lessons in your office are a practical solution that allow your staff to understand the importance of clear communication and language skills by integrating business English learning with the normal operation of your business.

Private language lessons can give your staff the individualised attention they need to properly address any weakness in their language.

With corporate English lessons you can ensure that your staff get a refresher course in proper pronunciation, specific trade related terms and phrases, and skills, such as copy writing and English mannerisms to improve their dealings in everyday business.

Learn English either at home with one of our tutors or with a tutor in their home

Improve the English used in your office

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  • Students can sign up for hourly classes or buy a package of 12+ hour classes.

  • For a detailed quote please use our contact us form.

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Are you unable to attend regular lessons and need flexibility to improve your English language skills?

Do you prefer to study alone or in small groups with your colleagues, friends or family members?


The focus is on you!

Fast track learning!

This type of tuition is particularly useful where students have very specific needs or when participants wish to learn very intensively.


You can meet your goals by having one-to-one lessons with one of our professional, friendly and helpful teachers.


The lessons are designed to help students focus on their specific needs, such as conversation, pronunciation, test preparation, industry specific English, etc.