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Tertulia Language will give you the opportunity to practise Italian in a unique and picturesque scenery.

Sicily is located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and has a rich and unique culture, especially with regards to the arts, archaeology, literature and architecture with seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cultural experience in Catania

The school is located in the beautiful Baroque city centre, in a strategic point , easily reachable and very close to the train and bus station.

· educational material

· entry test

· welcome drink

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· free wifi at school

· final certificate

All the Courses include:

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Sicily... from the Greeks to the Baroque.

Would you like to learn Italian in Sicily?

We have the perfect place for you.

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SICILY... an exciting mix of flavours, smells and

colours with a rich variety of food.

The Courses are organised into:

· Groups (one to more than two).

· Couples (one to two).

· Individual (one to one).

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Italian Courses

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We work in partnership with:

Duomo Acitrezza

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