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What our students say...

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Really relaxed learning environment + very enjoyable.

April 2019


Great course, good learning pace + fun.

April 2019


It is very good being taught Spanish by a Spanish person. A delightful teacher.

March 2019


The lessons were fun, well paced and very interesting. A good opportunity to learn Spanish through speaking.

December 2018


Course ran at a great pace and I feel I've learnt a lot. I will be continuing onto Beginner 2.

March 2018


I have loved this course, I feel that our teacher Giuseppe was great. I have learned a lot and feel good about writing and reading the Italian but panic when I trying to speak it.

March 2018


Our tutor Giuseppe is very friendly and approachable.

March 2018


The course was very useful for my holidays.

March 2018


The course was ideal for me. I enjoyed learning through communicating, games and music + finding out about culture.

December 2017


Amazing, 10/10 in everythingh from the teacher to the content. I am really looking forward to the next one!

December 2017


I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn Italian

December 2017


The course was very well balanced, with talking, listening, grammar and fact about Italy. It was fun as well as being instructive. Our teacher, Fabia, was outstanding.

June 2017


I highly recommend this to anyone working to learn Spanish and have fun at the same time.

June 2017


Classes are very enjoyable and dinamic. Being a native speaker the teacher has a good knowledge of the language.

June 2017


Fantastic course, great location, convenient time, well paced, great friendly teacher and overall course is very good value for money!

December 2016


I feel that I learnt a lot in a short period of time. Giuseppe is a very knowledgeable teacher and patient too.

July 2016


Giuseppe made the sessions very light-hearted and enjoyable with a good pace.

July 2016


I very much enjoyed the course. Good length, helpful and well delivered.

December 2015


Giuseppe is well organised with good sense of humour.

November 2015


A wonderful Italian course! Friendly, helpful and very informative. I would strongly recommend this course. A wonderful experience.

May 2015


A wonderful Italian course! Friendly, helpful and very informative. I would strongly recommend this course. A wonderful experience.

May 2015


The course was enjoyable and we all feel we are progressing a little more each week.

April 2015


My wife and I enrolled in the Italian beginners course towards the end of 2014. We really enjoyed the way in which Giuseppe approached the teaching by making the pace of learning just right, stretching us without making it too difficult as beginners.

The classes also always have a happy atmosphere. We have now enrolled for the 2nd course.

November 2014


A relaxed and enjoyable approach which encourages everyone to speak.

November 2014