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Italian Conversation Group in Clanfield


Course duration:                    8 weeks

Lesson days:                         Mondays

Lesson time:                          18:00 - 19:30

Maximum class size:             10

Course fee:                            £125

Italian Conversation Group in Clanfield

Starting on Monday 22nd April 2024

Join our new Italian conversation group!

This is your chance to speak Italian for one hour and a half a week and forget about your native language.

Our Conversation Groups

This group is recommended for people who has a good knowledge of Italian, perhaps one of your parent is Italian, or you lived in Italy for a bit or you have already attended some Italian courses.

It is ideal for those with various commitments or working full-time.


In our conversation group meeting you will improve and consolidate your Italian. These meetings are very useful to enlarge your vocabulary, deal in social situations more confidently, for example when you will visit Italy and to complement any Italian lessons. Through specific stimuli and activities you will be encouraged to practice your conversation and pronunciation in Italian, and speak more fluently.


Classroom activities will include:

  • Role-playing

  • Pair and group work

  • Work on pronunciation and intonation

Pre-requisite Knowledge

Everyone is welcome to join our group acknowledging that you will need to be prepared to catch up to the pace of the group. You don't need any pre-requisite unless you can express yourself in a basic Italian language to be able to talk about basic topics. 



Please read our Terms & Conditions.


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