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Private Tuition with Tertulia Language

Private Tuition

Are you unable to attend regular lessons and need flexibility to improve your language skills?

Do you prefer to study alone or in small groups with your colleagues, friends or family members?

Private tuition is the most flexible and convenient way to learn a language. We provide language private lessons on an individual basis for personal and/or professional reasons. Our personalised and engaging lessons will suit your needs, your goals and your interests. This will take into account the time you have, your level, and your learning style.


Who takes a tailored course has a limited amount of time in which to learn the language. Some of the most common reasons we provide individual language lessons include moving or investing overseas, travel, or speaking more fluently with a partner and their in-laws.

Tuition types

The most popular language course formats are one-to-one, two-to-one or small groups.


If you are planning to study a foreign language privately we create a course that will focus on the specifics of your lifestyle and learning aims.


Learning with native speakers gives you cultural and social aspects of the language that you are studying.

Why choose Tertulia Language?

  • Free teaching materials

  • Lessons in your home or in your tutor's home

  • Take your sessions with a friend and split the fees

  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors

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