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Meet Our Teachers

Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication.

Our language courses are taught in a friendly and relaxing environment by qualified teachers, who are all native-level speakers. Also, they have a deep understanding of the social and cultural use of the target language to help you to explore other cultures more successfully.

See our teacher profiles below:

Tertulia Language Team


Italian, French & Spanish Teacher

Valentina is an Italian CELTA graduated ESL teacher, with a passion for student learning and languages. She is fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish and this helps her not only to understand the doubts the students might have, but also to identify common difficulties and mistakes tailored to each specific language.

Her main aim is to find a perfect balance between theory and its application in a creative and stimulating way.

Tertulia Language Team


Italian Teacher

After having worked in an International School in Italy for 10 years, Fabia moved to UK with her family. Fabia has a vast experience in teaching Italian language to children and adults in collaboration with Southampton Community Languages.

Tertulia Language Team


Italian & English Teacher

Simona is an enthusiastic Italian language teacher with almost two decades of experience in teaching Italian, Spanish and English in England, Argentina and Italy.

She qualified as a primary school teacher in Italy and when she moved to England she obtained a TESOL certificate (Sheffield, UK). Simona has also taught English in multinational companies, adapting to various teaching situations like one to one as well as small to big groups of professionals and young adults with diverse linguistic needs and backgrounds. Developing therefore tailored techniques that make teaching personal and unique.

Tertulia Language Team


Portuguese Teacher

Hortênsia holds a bachelor’s degree in Language and Literature (Portuguese, English and German) and she is a qualified teacher. She worked as a Portuguese teacher at state schools in São Paulo, Brazil. Her experience includes also teaching German and English at private schools. Hortênsia loves languages.

She has studied also French and recently some Italian at Tertulia. Languages are not her only interests in life. She is also passionate about Brazilian sambas and she loves sewing small pieces of Calico to create beautiful patchwork quilts.

Tertulia Language Team


Italian, German & French Teacher

Eugenia is an enthusiastic fully qualified language teacher with a strong background in translation. She graduated from the Universities of Turin and Rome and she also holds a teaching degree from the University of Oxford.

Eugenia has taught a wide range of age groups and language levels both in Germany and in the UK and she is keen to help students achieve their full potential. 

Tertulia Language Team


Spanish Teacher

Amalia is an enthusiastic native Spanish language teacher with more than 15 years of experience in teaching Spanish for GCSE and A Level students. She strongly believes in the importance of promoting language learning to bridge cultural divides.

Amalia supports the students to achieve their best by participating in different activities. Amalia delivers the lessons in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere where we listen, respect, and support each other.

Tertulia Language Team


Italian, English & Spanish Teacher

Laura is a languages teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching Spanish, Italian, English & French. She has taught adults and children and has a passion for teaching languages using ICT.

Laura has a PGCE, a TEFL diploma and 2 Master Degrees (English Language & Literature and in Digital technologies for language teaching). She plans her lessons around the needs of her students with a major focus on fostering interaction, culture and self expression. Besides teaching, Laura likes to play music, write songs and study Japanese.

Tertulia Language Team

Maria Alejandra

Spanish Teacher

Maria Alejandra is a Spanish native speaker qualified teacher and has experience in teaching all age groups. Her planning and structure for a lesson are tailored to the students’ learning needs, making them feel included, not judged. Maria Alejandra is a kind, caring, and supportive person and she has a natural talent for helping others who might have additional levels of difficulty.

Tertulia Language Team


Italian Teacher

In love with languages since childhood and always curious about other cultures, Barbara has studied Foreign Languages and Literature (English and French) at Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice, as well as studying German. Italian native speaker and based in London since 1997, she has been running groups and teaching Italian in different contexts, from one-to-one bespoke tuition to teaching different age groups.

In addition to her love for languages, Barbara is passionate about music. She is a Jazz singer and songwriter and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Performance.

Tertulia Language Team


Spanish Teacher

María is from Andalucía, south of Spain. She qualified as a Spanish teacher from Roehampton University and Instituto Cervantes. Maria has lived in the UK since 2011 and has extensive experience teaching Spanish for individuals and groups. She is passionate and curious and her interest in literature, cinema and the arts, with special focus on Spain and Latin America, is often reflected in her lessons.

Tertulia Language Team


English & French Teacher

Andrew is a languages teacher with over 25 years of experience teaching English, French and German in schools and in Adult Education at the University of Portsmouth and in Colleges. He has also taught English as a Foreign Language for EF Language Travel and other EFL course providers.

Andrew has a B.A. Honours degree in French, a P.G.C.E. in Modern Foreign Languages, a Masters Degree in Translation, and a TEFL qualification from the University of Portsmouth. He believes that being able to communicate with others in their own language, opens up a whole host of opportunities. Learning a language engenders understanding in other people’s cultures. He enjoys working with individuals and groups to help everyone achieve their potential and become capable and speakers of languages other than their own

Tertulia Language Team


German Teacher

Katja is a native German qualified teacher. She has over 10 years of experience in teaching German, working with all age groups in school settings, colleges as well as 1:1 tuition. She has been living in the UK for almost 20 years, and she also holds the qualification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Katja likes to adapt her lessons to the learner’s needs, as we all learn in different ways. She believes that learning a language should be an enjoyable experience for the learners achieving their goals.

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