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Spanish Courses with Tertulia Language

Spanish Courses

Bienvenidos a Tertulia Language Courses

Learn Spanish! Online & Face-to-Face Courses.

Spanish is probably the most important language to learn if you love to travel. Spanish speaking countries are extremely beautiful and diverse, with stunning landscapes and interesting cultures that are simply unforgettable.

Learning Spanish will take you to discover the culture and traditions of the Hispanic world, full of colours, flavours and aromas.

The courses are suitable for anyone who loves and enjoys learning Spanish language. Our lessons are focused on communication and cultural aspects.

Learning Spanish will allow you to better appreciate Hispanic cultural contributions.

Spanish Beginner Courses in Portsmouth


If you have never studied Spanish before these are the courses for you. Whether you are interested in learning a language for travelling or simply to give your brain a boost, we will teach you the basic structures and vocabulary of the target language in order to understand simple daily situations.


If you have a basic knowledge of Spanish and you are looking to improve your language and confidence in your language skills, we can offer you the next step-up after beginner level where you'll build upon the foundations and gain a more solid understanding of the language.

Spanish Elementary Courses in Portsmouth
Spanish Pre-Intermediate Courses in Portsmouth


If you would like to expand your previous knowledge of the language and you have a solid grasp of elementary level vocabulary and grammar our pre-Intermediate courses are a great continuation where you will learn new structures to apply across different topics.


If you are looking to progress to a higher level of Spanish and think you are highly confident with the language, these are the courses for you. You will work on your conversation skills applying a range of grammar rules as well as comprehension and cultural knowledge.

Spanish Intermediate Courses in Portsmouth

Aprender el español no sólo te hará descubrir la cultura y tradiciones del mundo hispano, sino también te hará descubrir un fantástico mundo culinario, rico en colores, sabores y aromas.

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