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Language courses for Teens & Adults

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Courses for Teens & Adults 

We are a private language school and Trinity College London Registered Exam Centre based in Portsmouth and offer language courses in different training venues across Hampshire and West Sussex.

Our courses range from complete beginner to advanced level both face-to-face and online and our lessons are focused on communication and cultural aspects.

We also provide private tuition on an individual basis for personal and/or professional purposes considering the student's learning style, level, and availability.

As part of our language enrichment programme, we plan cultural trips to Italy and Spain where you can practice your communication skills.

During summer terms, we also organise cultural experiences in Portsmouth for students from abroad, offering interactive lessons, outdoor activities, excursions and more.

Learn Spanish with Tertulia Language


Courses in Brighton & Hove, Emsworth, Havant, Horndean, Petersfield, Portsmouth, Waterlooville.

Learn French with Tertulia Language


Courses in Portsmouth.

Learn Italian with Tertulia Language


Courses in Brighton & Hove, Chichester, Clanfield,  Emsworth, Horndean, Petersfield, Portsmouth.

Learn German with Tertulia Language


Courses in Portsmouth.

English Summer Courses

Students walking on campus

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Our Services

Our Services

Learn a language in a friendly and unique way!

Language Courses

We run day and evening courses from complete beginner to advanced in different training venues. We cover adjacent areas within Hampshire, West Sussex and London area. Our courses are either six, eight or ten weeks and are designed to develop all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Private Tuition

Private tuition is the most flexible and convenient way to learn a language.

We provide language private lessons on an individual basis for personal and/or professional reasons.

Our personalised and engaging lessons will suit your needs taking into account the time you have, your level, and your learning style.

English Courses

Would you like to improve a specific aspect of your own English language skills?

Our English language lessons are designed to help students focus on their specific needs, such as conversation, pronunciation, test preparation, industry specific English or a work-related topics such as preparing for a specific meeting.

Online Lessons

Wherever you are you will be able to learn a language at your own pace and convenience.

Online language lessons are designed to make you, the learner, feel at ease in your own space, therefore you can decide where and how you would like to learn.

Learn comfortably at home! No uniforms, no smart dress code, just you on your sofa.


As part of our language enrichment programme, we offer cultural trips, where you can have an ‘in hands’ experience being surrounded by locals, practising your communication skills in the foreign language.

All our workshops and activities are carefully planned to make you feel immersed in the local culture.

Come along and join us!

Business Training

Whether you are interested in general or business language we will design the best course for your company considering your specific needs.

Our language lessons can be scheduled for individuals or small groups and can take place at your office or online. Content is tailored to the job specific needs and professional goals of employees.

Our Training Venues

We run courses in different training venues within Hampshire, West Sussex and London area.

Student feedbacks Tertulia Language

What our students say...

"Classes are very enjoyable and dynamic. Being a native speaker the teacher has a good knowledge of the language."
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